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    Friday, May 18, 2018   /   by Akoma O.

    Homes For Sale in Biloxi, MS

    Buying a home is a beautiful decision. It's deemed to be one of the topmost priorities for anyone looking to achieve a better standard of living for their family.

    Located in Mississippi, Biloxi has proudly been sitting on the shores of Gulf Coast. Truth be told, “The Playground of the South” as it’s fondly known, has population of around 45,000 people. 

    From 433 listings, a lot of buyers search for the best homes for sale in Biloxi, MS. In fact, zip code 39532 seems to be the right location for those who have fondness for a number of lip-smacking dishes. With a plethora of great restaurants, you would not be able to leave your taste buds unsatisfied.

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    If you are looking f ...

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    Tuesday, November 17, 2015   /   by Brent Chapuis

    Buying during the Holidays?

        Ok, so there are 2 different thought processes on buying at the end of the year during the Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. On one hand the buyer wants to be in their new home so they can invite family, put up the Christmas Tree, and all the cool things we all do for the Holidays. On the other hand, the seller sometimes wants to stay for one final Holiday Season in the family home. There's no right or wrong here and that's not what this post is really about. 
        Did you know there is a Tax advantage for both the buyer and the seller to finalize their sale and purchase prior to the end of the year? You've all heard of it before but in most cases it's just simply not considered, it's called Homestead Exemption. Homestead Exemption in essence is a reduction in your yearly property taxes if you claim that home as your primary residence. 
        For the buyer, if they buy their new home before January 1st they can Homestead t ...

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    Thursday, October 15, 2015   /   by Kristin Stachura Allen

    Real Estate Agent vs For Sale by Owner

    As real estate agents, we are all too familiar with the tug of wars that tend to take place when it comes to selling your home. Should we rent or should we sell? Should we sell now or should we wait? Then comes the ULTIMATE tug of war… Should we just try and sell it on our own or hire a real estate agent? To help ease some of that frustration and to help you make your decision, we have decided to share tips and facts with you on why you should use a real estate agent. 
    #1: Listing Price
    Real Estate Agents understand the market better and typically list your home for the correct price. This gives homeowners an advantage over listing the property themselves. Zillow and other methods of getting a home estimate online are rarely accurate. When was the last time you heard of Zillow or Trulia coming to check out your home? Exactly! A Zillow estimate is only correct about 10% of the time. Real estate agents insure better pricing. 
    #2: Better Home Presentati ...

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