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  • Kristin Stachura Allen | Keller Williams| Brent Chapuis Blog

    Thursday, October 15, 2015   /   by Kristin Stachura Allen

    Real Estate Agent vs For Sale by Owner

    As real estate agents, we are all too familiar with the tug of wars that tend to take place when it comes to selling your home. Should we rent or should we sell? Should we sell now or should we wait? Then comes the ULTIMATE tug of war… Should we just try and sell it on our own or hire a real estate agent? To help ease some of that frustration and to help you make your decision, we have decided to share tips and facts with you on why you should use a real estate agent. 
    #1: Listing Price
    Real Estate Agents understand the market better and typically list your home for the correct price. This gives homeowners an advantage over listing the property themselves. Zillow and other methods of getting a home estimate online are rarely accurate. When was the last time you heard of Zillow or Trulia coming to check out your home? Exactly! A Zillow estimate is only correct about 10% of the time. Real estate agents insure better pricing. 
    #2: Better Home Presentati ...

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