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  • Top 10 Factors to Consider When Buying Waterfront Homes in Bay St. Louis

    Tuesday, June 19, 2018   /   by Akoma O.

    Top 10 Factors to Consider When Buying Waterfront Homes in Bay St. Louis

    A lot of people dream of living in a waterfront property because of the stunning views. No one would even think about refusing to enjoy the breeze of moist scent when nature is at its best. Carrying a unique beauty, buying waterfront homes Bay St. Louis is the smartest move you can make.

    About Bay St. Louis:


    Planning a quick trip with your loved ones? Or, searching for a great coastal town? Look no further than unusual Bay St. Louis - a city located in Hancock County, Mississippi in the U.S.

    Deemed to be a “place apart”, Bay St. Louis is a seaside town which has been named one of ‘Coolest Small Towns in America’. in fact, this quaint seacoast town was recognized as a ‘Top 10 Small Beach Town’. From historic buildings to friendly people, Bay St. Louis is a city that holds the rich heritage.

    Read on to find out the 10 factors to take into consideration when buying a waterfront home Bay St. Louis.

    1. Get Your Home Inspected Cautiously

    Well, water might seem easy on your eyes, but it is not on the building. No matter you have water invading into the basement, deterioration on the exterior because of air, salt or problems occurring due to mold, getting an expert inspection done to your home will be a wise decision you can make. 

    Inspections based on land and water as well as conducting water quality tests can play a crucial role when buying a waterfront property.

    2. Walk the Property Attentively

    It’s good to spend some of your valuable time on the waterfront property. Doing so will help you decide if the property is really suitable for you and your family.

    For example, you could have a pleasant view, but what you don’t have is decent access to the water. The lake, on the other hand, that makes you feel fantastic when viewed from the window could be filled with debris and weeds. 

    Consider transforming the landscape into something stunning, if it’s already unpleasant. With a waterfront property, you not only buy a home but the water as well. So, make sure you get it right.

    3. Choose the Right Water

    Every waterfront home is not the same. If you are looking for the smell of salt air, what can be the best alternative other than the beachfront property?

    Buying a property on a lake allows you to enjoy a powerboat. If you’re looking for some relaxed moments, being on a smaller body of water that’s deficient with ear-splitting powerboats.

    4. Check the Urban Facilities

    When buying waterfront homes Bay St. Louis, it’s important for you to check the urban facilities. You need a number of facilities for your dream home such as water supply, internet connection, electricity etc. These facilities will cost you big time if you don’t plan them accordingly.

    5. Look for Hidden Costs

    No doubt waterfront homes now and then carry additional expenses you, as a buyer, might not know. Water and sewer rates can cost an arm and a leg compared to inland rates. You need to inquire about boat dock as well as lift fees which are extra hidden expenses you might bring upon yourself.

    6. Put Some Stress on the Land

    It’s uncommon for people to get confused with the captivating beauty of the house when buying your dream waterfront property. In the process, they ignore the land.

    Once they’re done with the purchase of waterfront home, they realize the fact that the land is prone to natural disaster. Either the water seems too muddy or the bathing point remains invisible from the window. So make sure these things are not repeated and that you have a thorough understanding of the price as well as advantages of the land.

    7. Changing Shorelines

    Beauty spread its own wings and waterfront home is certainly no exception. The seacoast area opens changes shoreline in a constant process. You need to research the property before buying waterfront homes Bay St. Louis thoroughly. Because if you do not, hurricanes will wash away your home. So, before you make up your mind to sign the contract, run a good survey and conduct a research on the geographical features of the location.

    8. Create the Right Strategy

    Planning to live full-time in your waterfront home in Bay St. Louis? If so, then searching for a lakefront home is one such strategic method you can follow.

    Want your waterfront home to be a vacation home? You might want to consider if you can rent it out when you’re not using your home.

    9. Look for a Great Deal

    Buying a waterfront property can be a dream come true for many. For other people, this property is more like just another home, so they will be eager to sell it off quickly. If you can find a waterfront property owner, you can buy your dream house in no time.

    10. Partner with a Professional Real Estate Agent

    You must know that waterfront homes are not simple at all. A professional real estate agent that helps people in buying waterfront homes Bay St. Louis is the one you should rely on. These agents are aware of the questions to ask, whom to involve in the transaction and how to help you buy your dream house.

    A waterfront property offers a beautiful view of your home. When you take a look out of the window in the living room and see the ocean or other water bodies, it gives you peace of mind. Living in a less stressful environment will let you enjoy every moment. Invite your friends to boast about your fantastic real estate property and its fantastic waterfront view of Bay St. Louis.